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The Sikh Gurdwara San Jose ( is thrilled to unveil its new innovative academic initiative, the College Prep Program (CPP), which commenced on January 9, 2023. Our mission is to equip Sikh students in San Jose and surrounding areas with the tools they need to reach their higher education aspirations. By offering middle and high school students personalized English and Math instruction along with expert guidance for college applications Read More...


College Prep Program 2023

The College Prep Program (CPP) 2023 is an excellent opportunity for middle and high school students to prepare themselves for college education. The program will run from June 18 to August 20, 2023, and will be conducted in a hybrid mode, combining online tutoring and offline classes on Saturdays and Sundays. The program is designed to provide students with a

comprehensive understanding of college life and equip them with the necessary skills to succeed in higher education. The program is being conducted in partnership with San Jose State University and Evergreen Valley College, which will host campus visits and guest lectures. Read More...


The CPP curriculum covers a range of topics such as college admissions, financial aid, time management, study skills, and career planning. The program also includes personalized guidance and mentorship to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and work on improving them. Online tutoring will be provided by experienced instructors.  Read More...



 Stem Education
 College application
 Essay writing
 Educational financing options
 Career guidance/Mentoring
 Internships & scholarships
 Campus visits
 Volunteering (Sewa) opportunities
 Parent and community involvement

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