Join Our Volunteer Team

1. Inspire and Empower: Become a Mentor and Tutor to Middle and High School Students!

2. Transform Lives: Join Us and Make a Difference in Students' Futures!

3. Shape the Future: Volunteer and Empower Students for College Success!

4. Create Lasting Memories: Help Us Plan Exciting Events for Students!

5. Power Our Mission: Support Our Program through Fundraising and Grant Writing!

6. Be the Change: Spread Awareness and Transform our Community!"

7. Design the Future: Develop Curriculum and Instructional Materials for our College Prep Program!"

8. Organize for Impact: Provide Administrative Support to Our Life-Changing Program!

9. Lead with Purpose: Manage and Train Volunteers to Support Our Gurdwara College Prep Program!

10. Make a Difference Today: Provide Emotional Support and Guidance to Students in Need!



 Stem Education
 College application

 Essay writing
 Educational financing options
 Career guidance/Mentoring

 Internships & scholarships
 Campus visits

 Volunteering (Sewa) opportunities
 Parent and community involvement